Let’s get Physical

What does our physical self have to do with business? Business today is about bringing the best brains to solve ever more complex problemsPhysical with word and to create more innovative products and services. Whilst most people today recognise that looking after themselves physically also gives them an edge in terms of resilience, stamina and cognitive ability, the reality is that many of us pay lip-service to this notion.

Physical energy is the foundation stone of high performance. When we wake up with a hangover or try to survive on a very few hours sleep, our ability to think well, to show empathy towards others and to put in discretionary effort is severely impaired.

So, over the holiday period, take a brisk walk with loved ones or why not do a spot of gardening? 15 minutes vigorous leaf-raking supports well-being and fitness, not to mention the tidier garden! Plan in a couple of alcohol-free days. Monitor your energy levels and do just a little more of those little things that get you up off the sofa and moving.

Come the New Year and you’re back in the office, take some healthy snacks in with you to replace the chocolate muffin. As the weather improves initiate some ‘walk and talk’ meetings with your colleagues, it’ll increase your energy levels, clear your mind and you’ll have more creative and effective meetings. I‘ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of ‘Eat Move Sleep’ by Tom Rath. I recently discovered the Eat Move Sleep 30 day challenge checklist online – a useful resource to start you on the path of maximising your physical energy.

So set yourself a challenge. Instead of saying to yourself “I’ll start exercising after Christmas”, from now right through the festive season build in 10-15 minutes of brisk movement each day – walk, garden, dance, whatever takes your fancy. Carry this on in the New Year by building it into your daily routine and you’ll give yourself a real boost of  energy and productivity.

Happy Christmas to you all and I wish you a happy, healthy and energetic 2017!

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