Favorite Why do women wear lipstick?


Walking to the station this morning a runner shot passed me. She was clearly working hard as her face was beetroot-red and sweat was pouring down her face. Nothing particularly unusual there, she was running after all. But one thing stood out. As she went by, I noticed that she was wearing bright red lipstick. That got me thinking…what compels people to put on masks when they go out? Is it social pressure or is it some kind of wish not to ‘show’ themselves bare-faced, as they truly are, wrinkles and all? Perhaps a bit of both.

One of my current clients, Sophie, a relatively young woman in a senior position who’s successfully driven the rapid growth of her area of the business, talked to me about the ‘face’ she puts on when she’s goes to work – her ‘professional’ face. It’s served her well. She’s seen as the consummate professional, calm, focused and knowledgeable.

But she’s hit a problem.  Continue reading