Favorite How to manage your emotions effectively at work

The crying gameWow, you’ve built an amazing reputation in your field. You’re moving into the senior ranks in your company, responsible for teams of senior experts delivering valuable services to clients. So how come you feel increasingly in a state of constant emotional turmoil? One minute angry and frustrated at your boss’s inability to give you breathing space and autonomy, the next wracked with self-doubt and anxiety.

You may work in a team or whole organisation in which ‘being emotional’ is a sign of weakness. And you might have developed a very effective professional ‘mask’ to disguise your true feelings. You’re apparently ‘fine’. A colleague of mine recently shared their take on the word ‘FINE':  “Feelings Inside Not Expressed”. That’s more like it!

The problem is that emotions don’t go away when we’re at work. When we feel that there’s no permission in our culture to show emotions, we suppress them, particularly the negative emotions such as sadness, anger, anxiety and frustration. But what’s the cost, to you and the business? Here are some.. Continue reading